Vans Warped Tour 2016

While on the Back To Basics Tour, I realized we'd be home the night before Warped in St. Louis. So, I decided to e-mail Kevin Lyman, and him and the crew over at Warped hooked me up. So thankful they did that, and made it such a simple process. 


Real Friends

Started my day with the Chicago boys, Real Friends. Such happy guys, writing such sad songs. Absolutely loved their set. Dan had to stop, and give me a high five during an instrumental break, and it was just a fun day for them it seemed like. 

Also, many times I'll mention Hope For The Day in this blog. One of the best organizations around. Look into them when you can. 


Got to catch up with the Secrets guys for the first time since the tour with them. Everyone seemed pretty excited to see me. As always, these guys killed it. Always a blast with them it seems like. 


This has been one of my favorite bands for quite a while. Everything these guys have put out seems to hit right at home with me. They put out a new record a couple weeks ago, and if you haven't yet, go check it out. 

Knuckle Puck

Another Chicago pop-punk band that has been killing it lately. After shooting them at So What!? Fest, I couldn't miss their set because the first time was so good. If you haven't yet, check out all their music. It will for sure make you feel some things.

Also, this is another band that does a lot of work with  Hope For The Day. I'll mention it again, but please look into this organization. It's all focused on suicide prevention, and they're one of the best organizations out right now. 

Too Close To Touch

The other Lexington, Kentucky boys I know also played Warped. It was a blast seeing these guys absolutely kill it. It was the first time I got to see any of them since the Secrets tour as well. I was glad they were all as happy as I was to be reunited. In all seriousness, they're dropping a new, fantastic, record soon. The single is out, go check it out on the Epitaph YouTube channel. 

In Hearts Wake

I have a thing for Australian bands, and this is one of them. They also have one of the neatest stage set ups. Also, RIP Steve The Croc. 

The Maine

Never have sat down, and listened to these guys, but I had free time before Emarosa. So, I stopped by, and they were really fun. I loved the way they got the crowd into it. Definitely need to give these guys a chance.


Easily my other favorite band that's on Warped this year. They're a must see, and put on the best show you will see all summer. Also, they dropped one of the best records this year. Go pick up "131", and thank me later.

Sleeping With Sirens

The first full length these guys put out is still one of the best records. In all seriousness, this was a fun set to shoot. It's just one of those bands that you may not listen to, but if you can see, you'd go see them. 

State Champs

This set was hands down my favorite set. Not just because these guys are a blast to shoot photos of, but I finally got to meet my good friend Elliot. Hands down the best photographer out on Warped right now. Anyways, after the third song in the pit, he invited me to shoot photos on stage for the rest of the set. I geeked out the entire time. Such a cool experience. In other words, thanks to Elliot for a cool experience, and go check out his work. 

The New Low

This was another band I was super stoked about being on Warped. Back when they were Hearts & Hands, they were one of my favorite bands. They dropped a super solid album a couple weeks back, go pick that up. Catch them on the last few days of Warped, you won't regret it.