XXI & More At The Hoosier Dome

Packing myself with work this week. Rode over to the Hoosier Dome to check out some Kentucky friends play. Artifex Pereo, XXI, My Sweet Fall, and Old Poet absolutely killed it. 

Old Poet

Old Poet is so good. It was so sick to see my good friend Luke back on stage after almost a year away from performing. I always seemed to capture his emotion on stage perfectly, and that's what I always try to do with my photos. Hopefully he's sticking around for a bit. He brings so much emotion to live shows.

My Sweet Fall

I feel like thee guys have become a presence to my blog. It seems I'm at every My Sweet Fall show, and always getting some of my favorite shots. These guys are doing big things, and have a killer EP coming out soon. Thankful to call them my friends. Be on the lookout for these guys.


The guys in XXI have become a favorite of mine to take photos of. Absolutely love how genuinely nice they are to me, and how they're always welcoming me to come shoot. I've seen them play almost 5 times, and they seem to get better each time. They put off a good amount of energy on stage, and show a lot emotion, and I love it. Hopefully I can catch them again soon. Be sure to catch this tour if it's in your area! Going to do a second post later tonight with photos from The Ongoing Concept!