The Ongoing Concept & More at Donato's Basement

Before anything about the show, this venue was hands down one of the hardest shoots I've done in a while. My lighting was 4 light bulbs, and this was seriously the basement of a Donato's Basement. That doesn't mean the show wasn't great because when The Ongoing Concept played, this place seemed to be torn apart. I didn't happen to shoot any of the locals because I wasn't sure if I'd get anything good with the lighting, but now that I look at my shots, I wish I would have.


Hadn't listened band before seeing them, but I had seen their name around on some shows. They're so much fun to watch. They put so much energy into their set. I'm listening to them as I'm typing this, and they really remind me of Capsize of a bit, just not as heavy. Definitely encourage anyone that's a fan of melodic hardcore to check these dudes out. You won't be disappointed. 

Hotel Books

This is one of my favorite bands out right now. Hotel Books is the perfect mix of everything. Anything they do has the coolest story behind it, and just has so much feeling, and emotion, behind it. These guys have a new album coming out on June 3rd that I'm super excited for. I've heard lots of good things about it from mutual friends on Invogue Records, and I'm sure it'll be one of my favorites of 2016.

The Ongoing Concept

If I could find a band that compares anything to letlive. sound wise, and performance live, this is what I would tell someone. I had never listened to these guys before seeing them, but I had seen photos, and a few videos of their live show, and I instantly got excited to shoot photos of these guys. Of course, it's in one of the hardest venues to shoot photos in, but it was a blast. They tore this place apart, and the crowd was crazy too. If you're a fan of crazy live shows, and letlive. style music, check these guys out.