We Are Forever Recap

I've spent almost the last month with my good friends in We Are Forever. We were on the majority of The Emo Is Back Tour, and did 3 days with SayWeCanFly and 7 Minutes in Heaven, with almost a week in between the two shows. Here's a recap of what all went down with one photo from each day.

Emo Is Back

SayWeCanFly/7 Minutes in Heaven


We had a blast on these tours. There were tons of good memories made, and new friends that I'm glad I met. Luckily, there was one more day at the end of the SayWeCanFly tour. We Are Forever put on a huge hometown show with a few locals, Take A Breath, Harbour, and Marina City. You can view those images below! I only did photos of Take A Breath, Marina City, and We Are Forever. Every band killed it, and I have tons of show this week that I'll be posting as soon as possible.