Being As An Ocean (Chicago, Illinois)

Took a road trip with a homie to see Being As An Ocean in Chicago. This line up was stacked with some good bands. I only shot the 3 that I knew because the other 2 were bands that you have to watch, or listen to, to really enjoy them. Check out all the bands that played because this is one of the best line ups touring right now.

First up was a band called Movements from California. Such a solid band for such a newly signed band. I caught these guys a couple months ago in Newport, Kentucky with Hotel Books, and they were just as solid as they were the first time. This band put out an EP just recently that is pretty relatable to my life, and it's scary how much it is. You can purchase their EP "Outgrown Things" on iTunes, or stream it on Apple Music, Spotify, and all those music sites. You won't regret it.

Up next after Movements was a band called Listener, who I didn't shoot. These guys were a band you have to sit down, and just listen to, to enjoy it fully. Around their final song, the entire crowd was silent. You could hear other cameras shutters going off. It was such an eerie feeling. You can listen to the song I'm talking about at:

After Listener, Capsize was on. I've been trying for so long to see this band live, and shoot photos of them. Every time they've been in Indiana, I have been out of time. It seemed like I would never get to. I was so stoked to see them. Daniel was super nice to get me into the show, and let me shoot photos, and he was nice enough to sign a photo that I had printed from Warped that's still one of my favorite photos to this day. They absolutely killed it live, and if you haven't yet, check them out. You won't regret it. See them at Warped, and pick up their new album dropping this summer.

'68 was up next. This featured Josh Scogin from The Chariot. If you've ever seen videos of The Chariot live, you'd know what you in store for. '68 was a band I had to just watch because I've heard so much about them as The Chariot, and it was exactly what I thought it'd be. Josh eventually ended up crowdsurfing with his guitar, the drummer strummed the guitar with his drumstick, and just stuff like that made them stand out.

Last, but not least Being As An Ocean was up. This was my 6th or 7th time seeing them. It never gets old. Of course the lights weren't going to be the best, but I did what I could. These photos weren't my usual style of editing. I'm stoked how they turned out. As always, Joel was out in the crowd early into the set, and letting the crowd have some fun. He even had the crowd, crowdsurf him to the back. He stayed on stage more than I thought we would, so I actually snagged some photos of him from there. I was stuck to the right side, so I missed getting shots of Tyler, but there's always next time. 

This show was a blast, and I'm glad I could finally catch Capsize. Feel free to share some photos around. Just give credit where credit is due.