Monster Outbreak Tour (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Finally, after a few weeks out on the road, I'm back home in Indiana. First full day back, and I somehow was able to shoot a show at Old National Centre. Huge shoutout to the guys in Crown The Empire for hooking me up super last minute. Originally, I wasn't going to be able to make this show because I wasn't going to be back in time. I hit them up on Twitter, and somehow they were kind enough to help me out.

First band up was Night Verses. They were definitely different than I imagined. I was expecting a band similar to Issues, but a bit softer. Instead, these guys were a mix of pop punk with some melodic hardcore vibes. It was weird, but cool to watch. Of course as an opening band, the lights weren't great, and mainly red the entire time. 

After Night Verses, a Japanese band called, One Ok Rock came on. They blew my mind. I expected some kind of pop music to come out, and I was shocked. They were like a Japanese version of Sleeping With Sirens. That's probably a bad comparison, but that's the vibe I got from them. Lots of jumping around, and fun lights to play with. Definitely some of my favorite shots from this night.

Crown The Empire. These guys always kill it. It was nice to not be crammed in a sold out show of 500 people with no photo pit, like I was last time they were in Indy at the Emerson. Of course, I didn't get as many photos as last time, but I got a great light show, and space to move around for different shots. Somehow while editing these shots, I discovered I dig purple lights, and figured them out. 

Finally, Issues was next. I've seen these guys before, and went in knowing what to expect. Flashy lights, lots of movement. Tyler's voice always blows me away, and Sky was a fun dude to watch jump around, and spin. Again, I really liked taking the blue lights, and making them purple for some reason. For my first show in this room, at this venue, it was a blast. It's a nice change going from tour to being in my city feeling comfortable around everyone.