Pure Noise Records Tour (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Back on the Indianapolis grind. The only bands I knew on this were My Sweet Fall, and I had listened to Seaway a few days before this tour. I tend to to do this a lot. Go to a show with bands I haven't heard of, maybe hoping to find a few new bands to listen to. So I was pretty stoked on this show. I've heard good things about most of these bands.

First up, was Juice. A local  band from Indy. I had seen these guys once before at another local show. They were just as good as the first time. They've been playing some good shows lately. Check out some photos below!

Next up were my good friends in My Sweet Fall. These guys are some of my best friends, as well, as one of my favorite local bands. They're one of the bands that have been with me since I started. They recently recorded their upcoming EP at Panda Studios out in California, and it's gonna be an insane release. It was great to catch these guys for the first time in a couple months. These were some of my favorite pictures from the Emerson that I've taken a while. Check them out below!

Next up was Can't Swim. I had never heard of these guys, or listened to them. They seem to have played a short set, maybe 3 or 4 songs. They sounded really good form what I heard. The guitar player was super fun to watch play, and take photos of. I only snapped a few pictures that I thought were good enough to edit. So check them out!

Seaway was next. This was the band I was most stoked for. I had listened to these guys for a few days before the tour, just to hear what I was going to be expecting. They delivered it. Super great band. Not the most energetic band stage presence wise, but they were solid sounding, and the crowd loved it. This was the first time during the show the crowd really got involved. They played a few songs that I had listened to throughout the week, and I got what I listened to, and that ruled. Check out a few shots!

To end the night, it was Hit The Lights. I looked these guys up before the show, and they sounded good. Never sat down, and listened to them. They were fun to watch on stage. I didn't take many shots since there was a tour photographer, and I was trying to stay out of his way. So enjoy what I have!