Monster Outbreak Tour (Chicago, Illinois)

This was the original date of this tour that I was going to go to. Applied for a photo pass way ahead of time, and somehow made it home in time for the April 2nd date. Second time around was just as good as the first. This was my first experience with House of Blues, and I loved it. So many nice lights. To be honest, I hated most of these photos while I was editing them at first. So, I ended up taking the first day after the show off away from editing, came back, tried some new things, and loved it.

 Unfortunately, I didn't realize shows started early in Chicago. Doors were at like 4:15. We ended up missing Night Verses this time around. They were definitely a fun band to shoot. I was pretty bummed when I realized we missed our 3 songs in the photo pit to shoot.

Next up was One Ok Rock. These guys blew my mind the first time around. The second time around was a lot better because I knew what to expect. I didn't get as many cool jump shots, but I spent a lot of time making these photos look good. They played a song in Indy that Tyler Carter came out, and did guest vocals on. Unfortunately, they didn't do that this time around. I kept waiting on him to come out, but never did. Either way, this band is loaded with talent, and writes catchy songs. Plus, their fanbase is extremely nice. Always asking before they repost images, and always giving credit. Check out some of the photos below!

Of course, just like the first time with this tour, Crown The Empire was next. Their lights scared me at first because it was super dark. Eventually, the house lights kicked on. These guys are always super fun to see. If you have time, catch these guys on Warped all summer, and look forward to a new album soon. You won't be disappointed. Check out some images below! 

Next up was Issues. This time Issues got to do their full stage setup, and it was so cool. It made for some really cool photos as well. I can't say much different this time around. These guys were as phenomenal as they were last time. Just be sure to catch these guys on Warped as well. Also, look for their new album dropping soon. Every track has been super groovy. Check out the photos below!