Wolves At The Gate @ The Hoosier Dome

One year in between seeing some bands shows a lot how much I've improved. This was the first time I've seen a couple of the bands on this bill in quite a while. It was nice to see improvement from when I first started.

First up were my good friends in Venerations. I first saw these guys at a local show sometime in February last year. I haven't seen them in over a year. They were perfect for this bill. Of course with them not having any music out, (we're getting impatient guys, come on I'm so ready) no one in the crowd really knew the words, but these guys are incredible. That guitar tone is super solid. Stoked for future releases.

There were two more bands next. First was local band, The Wise Man's Fear. These guys are great too. Unfortunately, none of my pictures really stuck out enough to edit. I tried working with it, and just couldn't do it. After that was Household. Every time these guys come to Indy, I've had to miss their set it seems like. I finally got to catch it, and they're incredible. Again, none of my shots really turned out good enough to edit. 

Next up was Dayseeker. This is hands down one of my favorite bands. They're one of the bands that I can listen to, and never get tired of. I've driven a couple hours to catch the guys a couple times, and every time they're in Indy, I'm there. Stage presence, live performance, everything about this band is solid. They're releasing a deluxe edition of their album, "Origin" this Friday. They can turn any heavy song into a beautiful reimagined version. Pick it up as soon as you can.

Finally, headliner, Wolves At The Gate. I caught these guys live for the first time last April with A Skylit Drive. They were a blast to see live. Of course, this show at the Dome was much more intimate than at the Emerson last year. It was nice seeing a crowd really into it. The majority of the bands on this bill were religious. I think the coolest thing of the night was when Steve took a moment to speak about some stuff on stage. Of course, this was a religious talk. In this scene, some people are really judgmental, or rude towards speeches like this one, but the crowd was super respectful. I loved that. I'm not the most religious person, but I respect people who can speak on stage every night to a crowd that can sometimes be rude. 

Traveling to Chicago next for round 2 with Crown The Empire and Issues. Be on the lookout for those photos next!