Underoath Rebirth Tour (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

They're back. Rebirth is here. I road tripped out to Grand Rapids, Michigan to catch the Rebirth Tour for the second time. I caught the show in Los Angeles. It was nice going into a show knowing what to expect performance wise, as well as lighting wise for photos. 

The first band up was Caspian. At both shows, a lot of the crowd complained about their set. You'd overhear a lot of, "That was boring" or "It's pointless to play just instruments, and have no singer." I thought they were incredible. It's really cool to watch bands that can keep me interested without having a vocalist. It's definitely under appreciated. Couldn't have picked a better opener for them. 

Next up was Underoath. I didn't grow up listening to these guys since I grew up listening to a lot of country music in the car. I can't remember discovering this band, but I remember hearing "Reinventing Your Exit" all the time when I kind of transitioned to what I listen to, and I was hooked automatically. So I listened to "They're Only Chasing Safety" a lot. Still one of my favorite records. Of course that album was first. So shooting those songs first made me pretty stoked. The majority of my pictures of Spencer weren't even of him singing. One of the most photogenic vocalist. One of the best shows that I've shot. More bands need to put as much effort into their live shows as Underoath. That makes all the difference for some people.

After my 3 song in the photo pit, I got to just enjoy the show. Hearing the crowd sing some of the parts was incredible. Feel free to scroll through the photos below!