Best & Worst of The Younger Dreams Tour

These are the best times, and worst times of tour.

Best of:

  1. Nightly Gambling- Sure gambling is bad, but this was all in fun. Chad, Palisades merch guy, taught us a game, Cee-Lo. It's a game played using dice. I'm not going into details of the rules, but it owned us every night. It started with $1 buy ins, and got as high as a $100 buy in the last night. It was a great way to bond.
  2. Whipping- So everyone knows about that dance, "The Whip". Well Palisades has an inserted track of part of the song. So I hit up Lou as was like, "Yo, let me whip on stage." So we waited until one of the biggest shows, Chicago. I went on a little early, and it was awkward. There's video on Picturesque social media, just go find it, and watch me embarrass myself. 
  3. So the night we played Webster Hall in NYC was eventful. Part of it is under the "Worst of", but we'll start with the good. We were trying to find parking at like 3am, and we ran into this random person who asked if we were a band. Of course we said yes, gave her a demo, and chatted for a bit. She offered to be our tour guide for our off day. She showed us everywhere. We went down to Times Square, went to see the Empire State Building, and the Statue Of Liberty. We even took some shots at night, which can be found down in between sections of this blog. Probably the best way to spend an off day.
  4. Chain Reaction. Easily the most monumental venue in our music scene. While I was disappointed because it seemed a lot bigger in pictures, and videos I saw on the internet, but it was easily my favorite venue. While the lights weren't stadium or theater style, they were placed perfectly, and the light show was great. It was cool to shoot such a popular venue.
  5. Noah, Trevor's son. I'm a huge fan of kids. They're always fun to play with. I've seen a lot about him from just following Trevor on social media. This kid was the bomb. The first day I saw him in San Diego, he was a great source of entertainment. He was playing drums while OLN tired to set up, then during our sound check he was controlling lights, aka he was turning all of them off and on. The second day at Chain Reaction, he went on stage with Trevor for a song, and had a blast. He pretty much stood side stage the entire set, and would stand behind Matt, then run back to the door. It was a great way to distract me from shooting.

Worst of:

  1. First day of tour. We were nervous, awkward to meet everyone we'd see almost every night for a month and a half, and didn't know really what to do. Better yet, when it came to sound check after the local band played, a lot of stuff wasn't set up right. It seemed nothing would go right for us. Robert's bass head blew, and Cole broke a snare head halfway through the set. The first night just wasn't our night.
  2. Boston. Dylan, and I didn't get our passports in time. So no Canada for us. We figured we'd both fly to Manchester-Boston airport, crash at hotels until the show in Boston. Well we slept at Cleveland's airport the night after the show in Cleveland. Then went on our flights. That's where everything went wrong. Dylan flew to the wrong airport, and it was a  hassle to get him to my airport an hour away. Then, his hotel fell through, and we had to sweet talk our way to get him to crash in my room. It was a very stressful 2 days before we got to the airport. 
  3. Like I said in the best of, New York wasn't all great. After we play shows, we stick around and hustle CDs to people leaving, try to sell more merch, and just talk. Well after we did all that, some people started dancing, and we thought it was just for fun to wait for all the bands. Little did we know, there was an EDM party in the same room as us, right after us. 10 kids turned to 50 kids, which turned to 100 kids, which turned to 500 kids. Loading our gear out was hell. Kids would have dance battles, and we'd roll right through the middle of them dancing. They'd move for a second, then start dancing all over again. The door to get out had a solid 200 kids trying to push their way into the venue, and the wouldn't clear a path for us to get road cases through unless security told them to. It doesn't seem too bad putting it in words, but it was the worst load out of tour.
  4. While this one isn't horrible, it's just kind of funny. We had an off day show in Mesa, Arizona with Hail The Sun, and w were already running late. Well, Zach sees smoke, then hears a pop, and yells "Flat tire." No one else heard a thing, or saw smoke. So we got out, and all four tires were fine. Well we look under the trailer, and we see a tire. So we think we just ran over a tire. Well, turns out our spare tire fell off the bottom of the van, and we drug it a bit down the road. It was done for, but it left a funny story to tell everyone how we ran over our spar tire. 

I have my last show of the year tonight. I'll post photos later, and hopefully soon I'll have a "Top 10 Shows of My Year" post!